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Simulation results demonstrate the performance with traditional mobility model. Most of the people choose this transportation mainly for the low cost and it gives comfort ability. To make more comfortable to the users our system gives many solutions and provide the greater facilitation to the users. Mainly our system creates an mobile app where the users can know the which seats are available or empty to reserve with the help of QR scanner. The passengers can order the food within the train and users can know the live tracking of a train using GPS.

Our system also provides one alert system near unmanned gate to avoid accidents at the same time which train has come near to which station is also shown with the help of nRF in mobile app.

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Good condition cloud after receiving data compare with the default values all the detected values which are transformed from controller to cloud and through web app all the detected values will be displayed and climate ,soil condition are displayed weather in normal condition or not and if the detected values proceed and exceed it alert and gives suggestion to farmer.

In present era Internet of things is emerging with its tremendous applications where wireless sensor nodes are incredibly well structured to accumulate huge amount of raw data from unsystematic sectors and hand over it to authoritative systems such as disaster monitoring, surveillances, green monitoring, and smart city applications etc,. However such authoritative and prediction systems truthfulness subject to reliability of sensor node.

Unluckily, sensed data excellence and reliability influenced by circumstances such as sensor faults, intrusion and unusual events within others. As a result it obstructs authoritative decision making as well as prediction, hence there is need of effectual, real time abnormality detection mechanisms for consistent decisions. A key dispute is how to lessen energy consumption and communication overhead in network at the same time identifying anomalies in unsystematic environments.

Even though a impressive number of studies, existing anomaly detection algorithms are there still Machine learning numerous appliances has captured massive importance in outlier detection especially for wireless sensor networks WSNs , notably Support Vector Machine SVM based techniques provides effectual outlier detection and classification achievements in harsh environment. This work presents various one class SVM formulations eminently well instructed outlier detection in harsh environments, moreover formulations analyzed in terms of various characteristics include input data, dynamic topology, outlier types, Spatio temporal attribute correlations etc.

Brief comparison and characteristics of distinctive one class SVM formulations are described. Immersive Reality is a path breaking technology which bridges the gap between imagination and reality. It has been a quite a few years that way that people interact with content has not changed.

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Productivity across businesses is not in an encouraging position. This paper highlights how Immersive technologies are going to alter how we interact with content fundamentally. For example, Companies such as GE Renewable Energy and its technology partner Upskill worked together to develop head-mounted display HMD which helped employee to receive wiring installation instructions instead of reading a traditional paper manual. Using virtual reality headset, we can take ourselves to imaginary environment. Another development in this field is Microsoft HoloLens which is self-contained holographic computer, helps us in accessing digital content and interact with the holograms in the world around us.

The design of all these products aim same goal — being part of human efforts to create better world for people to live in. These kinds of developments can transform the current entertainment, gaming, Education, Training, real estate, hospitality, shopping experience, healthcare, marketing experiences and travel communication businesses.

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As there are two sides for a coin, there are many issues which Immersive Reality must tackle before it makes global presence. This paper also focuses on the ethical dilemmas that Immersive reality faces. FR4 substrate with a relative permittivity of 4. When compared to conventional patch antenna, the slotted antenna has better return loss of dB and a gain of 5dB. Algorithm utilizes pole clustering and time-moment matching approaches for calculating denominator and numerator of model respectively. In pole clustering approach, poles of the high order system are considered for denominator calculation.

According to order of the model, clusters of the poles are framed. Cluster centre of every cluster is determined using inverse distance criterion. Using these cluster centres, model denominator is deduced. Numerator is obtained by equating time moments of system and model. Proposed algorithm is applied on sixth order system and results are compared with other existing techniques which shows that proposed algorithm is superior to other techniques. Hence they will be made with a carbon-epoxy internal layer as a structural layer whereas carbon phenolic external layer as thermal protection layer as a multi-layered component.

Carbon-phenolic composites are meant or heat protection of the aerospace like aircraft skins, nozzles and heat shields during the aerodynamic loading conditions. In this paper, the behavior of the thermal protection system under aero-thermal load during re-entry at hypersonic speed through the earth atmosphere has been studied.

Thermal performance of the carbon-phenolic components depends on the shape of the structure, velocity of the object, angle of attack and the heat flux experienced. The heat of reaction and pyrolysis process decides the structural integrity of the thermal layer. For various velocities, shapes and heat Flux conditions, the rate of ablation, surface temperature, residual thickness of the material has been evaluated. The heat of reaction and the volume of chemical species evolved under aerodynamic heating are measured by pyrolysis gas chromatography Py-GC and thermo-gravimetry TG , which will be used as inputs or thermal evaluation of the structure.

Modeling of the blunt body using CAD and imported to simulation software USIM to visualize different properties of the atmosphere and blunt body model. It is very crucial to detect smells in software projects.

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If smells are detected earlier then the possibility of occurrence of errors, faults will be reduced. Hence, quality of the software is improved. The existing work used Bayesian approaches, manual approaches and search-based approaches to detect smells. These approaches lack in getting optimization solutions in detecting process. So, paper makes use of one of the popular optimization technique called Particle Swarm Optimization PSO for detecting the smells in programming part.

The technique shows how intelligently the smells are detected and mainly concentrated on five types of smells namely Long Methods, Long Parameters, Large Classes, Duplicated Codes, and Primitive Obsessions. Implementation of this technique is, considering source-code of any software applications or programs and injecting PSO technique into the system. Here, PSO has trained to detect five types of smells whenever their appear in the source-code.

Detecting the smells in initial stages of the project gives best performance of the software, and in other hand quality of the software is achieved. Experimental results are shown by using PSO technique, where searching time will be less consumed and accuracy of the system is gained. A small defect either on raceway or the ball may occur while installation or any other process should be detected. If not detected in time, the defect forms a fatigue and increases upon working, decreasing the life time of bearing and leads to malfunctioning of the machine components.

This research work is mainly focused on the frequency of vibrations produced by the bearings with different faults and gives the comparison between vibrational frequency of different faulty bearings and healthy bearing. The results of this experiment are interpreted to shoot out the defect in the bearing, which is helpful in finding the fault in the bearing element without dismantling the machine with reference to the frequency graphs. It is put in to practice in a standard 0.

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  5. To form Sigma-Delta modulator this paper essentially elaborates integrator, summer, comparator, D-Latch and Digital-to-Analog DAC converters which are integrated together. Thus, the need for software safety is vital.

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    One best approach to ensure the correctness of such systems is to apply formal specification techniques. The use of these techniques helps in the increase of human confidence in safety critical systems. This paper focuses on the review of the use of formal specification techniques in the fields of aviation, and railways.

    The first section gives a brief description about safety critical systems and formal specification techniques. The second section provides background of the use of formal specification techniques in different areas. The application of formal specification techniques in the railway industry, its advantages and disadvantages will be discussed in third section. The next section provides an insight of application of formal specification techniques in the field of aviation, its pros and cons. The concluding section addresses future need of formal specification techniques usage in safety critical systems that can put human life at stake.

    Initially the design and operation of photonic crystal based OR gate using cross-shaped waveguide is discussed with an additional reference input. The phase of all the input light signals are maintained at zero in order to have constructive interference to perform OR function. Later, OR gates are interconnected to realize encoder in such a way that the light path from the input ports to cross-shaped waveguide junctions be same. Also, the size of the proposed structure is quite smaller by With the fair results obtained, it can be concluded that the proposed encoder is suitable as a basic component in future Photonic Integrated Circuits.

    Download Summary Book S. Authors: Ajala F. A, Oke A. O Paper Title: Development of Hybrid Compression Algorithm for Medical Images using Lempel-Ziv-Welch and Huffman Encoding Abstract: Image compression is of utmost importance in data processing, because of the cost savings it offers and because of the large volume of data transferred from one end to the other. IRE, pp.

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    Sunil Kumar and R. Compression of individual sequences via variable-rate coding. References: Stone R J. George, S. Meyer, P. Colarelli, S. Some contextual influences on training utilization. The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, 32 3 : Tai, W. Gerhart, B. Pay, performance, and participation. Lewin, O.

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    Sherer Eds. Harvey, M. International Journal of Human Resource Management.

    Brotherton, J. Emerald Group Publishers, 42 1 , pp.