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Tail — Not docked; thick at the base and tapering; set on slightly below the line of the back; should not reach below the hock. When the dog is attentive the tail is held in a ring, the front of which should not reach forward of the loin. The tail is of great help when swimming and diving. Shoulders are well inclined and very strongly muscled. Upper arms are strong. Forelegs are strong and straight with long, well muscled forearms.

Water Dog Training

Carpus is heavy-boned, wider in front than at the side. Pasterns are long and strong. Dewclaws may be removed. Feet are round and rather flat. Toes neither knuckled up nor too long. Webbing between the toes is of soft skin, well covered with hair, and reaches the toe tips. Central pad is very thick, others normal. Nails held up slightly off the ground. Black, brown, white, and striped nails are allowed. A profuse, thickly planted coat of strong, healthy hair, covering the whole body evenly, except where the forearm meets the brisket and in the groin area, where it is thinner.

No undercoat, mane or ruff. There are two varieties of coat: Curly — Compact, cylindrical curls, somewhat lusterless. The hair on the ears is sometimes wavy. Wavy — Falling gently in waves, not curls, and with a slight sheen. Powerful; well balanced with the front assembly. Legs, viewed from the rear, are parallel to each other, straight and very strongly muscled in upper and lower thighs. Buttocks are well developed. Tendons and hocks are strong. Metatarsus long, no dewclaws. Feet similar in all respects to forefeet.

The Portie can be groomed in two styles: The retriever clip the entire coat is clipped to one inch in length, with the tail tip at full length or the more check-me-out lion clip, where the coat on the hindquarters and muzzle is clipped down to the skin. Clean, fresh water should be available at all times. The coat ranges in appearance from tight and curly to loose and wavy.

It may be kept in the lion clip where the coat on the hindquarters and muzzle is clipped to the skin or the retriever clip where the entire coat is clipped to one inch in length and follows the outline of the dog.

Beyond regular weekly grooming, an occasional bath will keep the Portie clean and looking his best. An athletic, active breed, the Portuguese Water Dog requires vigorous exercise every day to keep him healthy and happy. This can come in the form of long daily walks and play sessions with his owner. This extremely versatile breed also exercises mind and body by participating in canine sports such as obedience , tracking , agility , rally , dock diving, and other activities that can be enjoyed by dog and owner.

For many enthusiasts, the most special of all the training and exercise options for the Portie is water work. The Portuguese Water Dog is very intelligent and responds well to obedience training. He is demanding of attention and human contact, and greets friends and family with unbridled enthusiasm. He requires positive training methods as well as daily mental and physical exercise. Porties can sometimes be too exuberant for families with very young children. Having fury friends in our home has always been a must!

Portuguese water dogs

We started breeding because we new that others must be able to share in the love of the PWD. They truly changed our lives with their "knowing" intuition of needs followed with cuddles. Whenever one of our children are sad they come to the rescue with kisses and "hugs". They are always there to give the gift of unconditional love. To top all this off we have been able to provide families with non-shedding hypoallergenic puppies that allow those with allergies to have a canine friend at home. Portuguese water dogs have always been our family!

They are full of love and cuddles, intelligence, intuition, and fun! We met the folks at Surf City when we were looking for a new puppy. We new right away that our puppy must come from this home. The puppies were well adjusted and very much loved. They were good people and the pups were raised under the foot of the family. When we took Jasper home he was house broken in less then three weeks and everyone who meets him stops to say hi and ask about him.

Thank you Surf City we are grateful for you! Jane and Tom. The very very best little man around! Best of the Best. Chewy is playful and smart. Already he's chasing his best friends around the house! I look just like my daddy! Joey no ordinary pup! They have a profuse single coat, either wavy or curly.

Two styles of grooming clips may be seen on this breed: the lion clip, in which the muzzle and middle part, up to the tail tip, are clipped, and the retriever clip, in which the entire coat is scissored to about 1 inch in length, with tail tip again left full length. The consummate water dog, the Portuguese Water Dog probably shares some of their ancestry with the Poodle. Their ancestors were herding dogs from the central Asian steppes, either brought to Portugal by way of the Visigoths in the fifth century or by way of the Berbers and then Moors in the eighth century.

Once in Portugal, they distinguished themselves through their affinity for water, eventually herding fish into nets, retrieving lost nets or equipment, and serving as a boat-to-boat or boat-to-shore courier. Later the dogs were part of trawler crews fishing the waters from Portugal to Iceland.

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With the demise of traditional fishing methods, the Portuguese fishermen and their dogs began to disappear from the coast in the early twentieth century. The breed was saved largely through the attempts of one man, Dr. Vasco Bensuade, a wealthy shipping magnate. He promoted the breed, and through his efforts, the breed club was reorganized. After a brief appearance in England in the s, the breed virtually died out there.

Around this time, the first PWDs came to America, where they slowly gained a following. Their popularity grew more rapidly and the breed is now a loving family companion. The gregarious Portuguese Water Dog is a fun-loving, family-loving, water-loving dog.

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They are often good with children, other dogs, and pets. They can be sensitive and respond well to direction. They are usually a good breed for an active person wanting an adventurous, affectionate, biddable partner.

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This is an active breed needing daily physical and mental exercise, preferably involving swimming and retrieving. Otherwise, they need a long walk or jog or a vigorous play time.