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Encyclopedia of Sustainability, 4th Edition

But as we lose indigenous cultures, we also lose crucial knowledge for living in balance with the natural world. Edwards cites projects from around the globe that simultaneously benefit impoverished populations, individual species, and entire ecosystems. When speaking to the critical issue of safeguarding ecosystems, Edwards makes the case that we must evolve beyond the focus on preservation to a strategy that balances ecological protection with the economic and social needs of people. Only with the support and commitment at the local level can longterm success be recognized.

Edwards also addresses our current economic crisis in relation to the ecological crises we face.

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Another solution is designing our human habitat with a more holistic approach. Smart Growth, New Urbanism, and regenerative design are a few strategies highlighted.

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A collection of essays about the change in worldviews needed to achieve truly sustainable cultures, as observed in some Native American cultures.

Bibliography of sustainability

Emphases are on subsistence, language and shared values, and the prime importance of spirituality to affect meaningful change as we address environmental, economic, social justice and human problems. Topics include environment, energy, just society, economics, community, and personal choice in areas of food, permaculture, non-toxic homes, ecological footprints, consumption and spirituality.

Extensive Resource Directory includes national and regional organizations, documentaries, videos and films.

This report, authored by a strong list of international experts, showcases creative policies and fresh approaches that are advancing sustainable development in the twenty-first century. Chapter summaries may be downloaded at the link above.

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Mini-encyclopedia of latest trends, technologies and solutions in sustainable living; seven broad sections included: stuff, shelter, cities, community, business, politics, and planet. Extensive references and resources listed. Of particular interest: sustainable practices in cities, neighborhood rehabbing, landscaping and biodiversity; climate adaptation, sea-level rise, urban adaptation to climate change, neighborhood survivability, transforming disaster relief; soil, sustainable agriculture, sustainable forestry, oceans management; movement building, transparency, direct action, nonviolent revolutions.

Respect Life. Restore Earth. Renew Spirit. Share This. Carroll; Bill McKibben, foreword SUNY Press, This book explores the inherent interconnectedness of sustainability and spirituality, acknowledging the dependency of one upon the other. Information, projects, etc. Earth Day Education Sustainability.