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When he hits rock bottom, he must carve out a new existence free from the weight of his past. Galactic Football League 10 books in series. The Rookie: Book 1 Publisher's Summary.

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The Starter: Galactic Football League, Book 2 (Unabridged)

Book 5. The Rookie was a fast-paced, sports heavy introduction to the world of the GFL. The Starter, while perhaps a bit less heavy on the gridiron action, is still a swift-moving ride that rarely loses momentum. As a second book, it does delve a bit more into character, helping to develop not only the main characters, but gives insight into some of the secondary ones, as well.

As far as Quentin came in the rookie in overcoming his Purist Nation prejudices and lack of broad education on things outside the Nation, we see early on that he still has a long way to go. His temper is still a problem, more often than not. The alien races are drawn a bit more clearly, and differences, both physical and cultural, brought to the front more clearly.

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Even though character takes the center stage in this story, there is still plenty of football action. It is clear that Sigler is a fan, and understands the game well. He had managed to take the Amercian game and translate it to a galactic scale believalby. It's a rough game out there in the galaxy, and not only are injuries often brutal, deaths are not uncommon.

The game descriptions are accurate and will not disappoint any football fan. Football fans, science fiction fans, gangster story fans- all will find things to enjoy in this series. I am hooked as a sci-fi fan and a football fan! January 2, - Published on Amazon. Ok, Scott Sigler has me hooked.

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I am a sci-fi freak and an avid football fan. How can you resist a book that covers both topics.

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I and hooked on seeing how Quentin Barnes comes out in this series of books. He has made it to tier 1 football and he is now the starting quarterback for the Ionath Krakens. At only 19 years old he is a superstar player with skills that are over the top awesome.

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  • Some aliens already are beginning to worship him as a god. It is part of a series and this is book two.

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    Normally YA books are not serious enough for me but this series has captured my attention I liked the book a lot and I rated it at 5 stars. I have already purchased the next two books to read.

    The Starter: Galactic Football League, Book 2 (Unabridged)

    May 28, - Published on Amazon. Scott Sigler does it again with The Starter, part two of his "galactic football league" series. I had described The Rookie part one as being wildly entertaining, and The Starter continues in the same page-turning manner. Earthcore 3. Nocturnal 4. The Reporter a Galactic Football League novella 8. The Detective a Galactic Football League novella 9. Title Fight a Galactic Football League novella The Rider a Galactic Football League novella.

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