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For a potting mix example from an experienced farmer, watch this video of Steve Pincus of Tipi Produce. For another potting mix example, see gardener Bob Strawn's Potting Mix article describing the mixes he uses in his container gardening.

e-book Quick, Easy & Cheap: Build Your Own Potting Bench (Urban Farming Simplified Book 2)

Well matured, manure-based compost should be used avoid poultry manure and wood-chip bedding. Flats can be reused but must be cleaned between uses with approved materials. Michelle Wander, University of Illinois. I've read so much that now I'm feeling confused Can Bush string beans go in too, or do they not like acidic soil?

If so, would the beans go in the bottom? I want to make my own potting mix. I want to use 6cuft sphagnum peat moss, 3cuft Kellogg Raised Bed Mix, 1cuft Bagged garden compost, 1cuft steer manure compost, 1 cuft sand and some red wrigglers. If not please fix my "recipe": I want to grow sweet potatoes in an old tub. Is there a certain potting mix I should use or is mines ok? I'm doing my first container garden. I bought a Big Bag raised bed, which is 50" in diameter and 12" deep.

How much potting mix will I need, and can you give me a recipe that won't break the bank? I'm planting tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, summer squash. Thank you for your help. I don't know very much about gardening. I just bought some organic gardening mix. I am wondering, can I use it directly for planting tomatoes in a pot? Do I have to mix it with native soil or anything else? I don't have good soil at all at home Thanks in advance for your help. No you can just use that straight out the bag perfect the way it is I wouldn't even add fertilizer for a month or so.

Greenhouse Gardening 101

I start and transplant about veg and flowers from seeds. I use Bordines potting mix and use 6 bags at 3 cu ft each. Can I mix my own for this volume and cheaper? Also is the compost you buy in bags safe for seeds? Price the materials to make your own potting mix to see if it's cheaper to make your own. Prices vary so much by region, I'd hate to say it's cheaper. I am using a wooden box approximately 24" x " for a garden of fruits and vegetable.

How to grow fresh vegetables, exotic herbs and beautiful flowers nearly year-round.

Would this type of mix work or what would you recommend? For raised gardens, layer top soil, composted cow manure, peat moss and a double layer of compost. At the start of every season, add more compost. I want to make my own potting soil to save money. So where can I get the raw components for the best price?

Generally, big boxes like Menard's and Home Depot have very competitive prices.

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Im thinking of starting a program in my town to collect restaurant waste as well as residential. Last year for my balcony container garden, I was advised to use Baccto Professional Planting mix. It worked fine for my lettuces, but for my pineapple tomato plant, carrots, and strawberries, it was a disaster. I haven't grown food in about 30 years. I'm not sure if this is the right post to ask this question I have a pot of calla lily and the leaves are getting yellow Thank you very much.

There are two reasons for yellow leaves on callas: Let soil dry out between waterings indoors and move the pot to an East or West facing window.

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  8. I just bought a pamdree mix from Millers LLC in Hyrum Utah you can google them they supply garden centers all over the intermountain west and they did several tests to get a better pH and balanced nutrients in a clean and organic mix. I haven't planted anything yet it snowed yesterday but it's nice and fluffy and if you live nearby their plant you can pick it up in bulk.

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    8. They even scrubbed the bucket clean before scooping it and placing it in our truck. Does that sound like an okay price? You can pollinate plants yourself too--just take a cotton swab and transfer pollen between the male and female plants. Because I couldn't go down with a garden, I've built layers in containers and on the ground using the Lasagna method. We've had extreme temperature fluctuations this Spring but I don't know if that is the cause of my stunted tomatoes and peppers.

      Should I start over?

      Make a rustic potting bench. DIY project using upcycled wood and limited tools.

      The average temp is in the 90's now. Thanks for your advice. I'm pretty new to gardening, with sand do you use coarse sand or fine sand or both. I was thinking for my summer plants I live in Australia a potting mix of peat moss, vermiculite, shredded pine bark, and either a coarse or find sand? Can I use this mix for my garden soil in the ground? Or is it best for potted plants?

      I have raspberry, rose bushes, veggies and herbs that do fairly well every year but I know they can yield a lot more then what I'v been getting. This recipe won't work in the garden. Simply layer the materials over the existing ground and mulch with the leaves or finely shredded bark. All are organic and will break down into nutrients during the growing season.

      So do raspberries, blueberries and strawberries. Also spread your coffee grounds around them. Is there something else missing?

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      I am really confused here! Nothing is missing, Jennifer. I left out the peat in the initial posting of the blog.

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      We corrected that error after readers brought it to our attention. The recipe, as written above, is correct. Sorry for the confusion. As a number of readers noticed, I left out the first ingredient in the potting mix recipe. Please add this to the mix: My apologies for not proof-reading the post thoroughly. I have a question.