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After the kid got bored and moved on, Davis and Zaytoven kept at it. Davis speculated in an interview that this beef is what prompted the group of men to burst in on him and the woman in Decatur.

In the fall of , he began a short jail stint for a parole-violating D. But privately the response sent him reeling. He was relatively sober at the time, he says, but he proceeded to blow off his next album, fall off the wagon, and disappear to Miami with a hundred and fifty thousand dollars in cash to spend on drugs and women.

In November, , he was arrested for driving his Hummer on the wrong side of the road and sent to a mental-health facility. The reckless driving charge, among others, was later dropped. This is when, and why, Gucci Mane got the image of a lightning-struck ice-cream cone tattooed on his face. It was an attempt to take charge of his narrative.

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The totem now graces everything from tour merch to the artwork for songs by other artists pining for his release. In September, , after the tattoo and about a year before he went to federal prison on the gun charge, Davis found himself wandering the streets of Atlanta, in the middle of a days-long Twitter binge. In one missive after another, he impugned foes, friends, collaborators, and label handlers. Again, a crisis for Gucci Mane became grist for Internet jokes.

The chemicals were doing the talking, he said.

The Deadly Synthetic Drug Epidemic Killing New Zealanders

FB Twitter ellipsis More. Image zoom. Almost Human. S1 E TV Show.

Episode Recaps Previous. S1 E13 Recap. Almost Human season finale recap: 'Straw Man'. S1 E12 Recap. Almost Human recap: 'Beholder'.

The man who will stop at nothing to complete his definitive history of the band

S1 E11 Recap. Almost Human recap: 'Disrupt'. S1 E10 Recap. S1 E9 Recap. Almost Human recap: 'Unbound'. S1 E8 Recap. Almost Human recap: 'You Are Here'. S1 E7 Recap. Almost Human recap: 'Simon Says'. S1 E6 Recap. Almost Human recap: Harden My Heart. S1 E5 Recap.

J davey new designer drug mediashare downloads

Almost Human recap: 'Blood Brothers'. S1 E4 Recap.

Artist of the Week: J*Davey

Almost Human recap: The Bends. S1 E3 Recap. Almost Human recap: 'Are You Receiving? Another song, another set of lyric parallels! Taylor name-drops designer Stella McCartney on this track, which was mentioned in a Vogue article about their fashion collaboration. The music video, meanwhile, features a plethora of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer celebrities, from Hayley Kiyoko to Todrick Hall to Billy Porter. As homophobic protesters rage on, Taylor and co choose to live their best lives — the video also includes a message of support for the Equality Act , of which Taylor has been an outspoken supporter.

A random compliment on an earlier Taylor song could in fact be an easter egg, intentional or not. Taylor Easter easter egged this song by having pins of the actual cast members of Friends, as well as some of her real life friends like Selena Gomez and Troye Sivan on her aforementioned jacket for the Entertainment Weekly Music Issue this past May.

I think that you are what you love. In conclusion, Taylor Swift has woven quite the tapestry of references and interior allusions — all to make Lover even more fun to enjoy.

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