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Susanna and Parker were fantastic characters and I loved how unconventional they were compared to the Tudor England! Historical fiction! Yes, I very much liked this book. Michelle Diener has always had a passion for reading and writing. Born in London and raised in South Africa, she now lives on the west coast of Australia with her husband and two small children. In a Treacherous Court. Michelle Diener. Average rating 3. Rating details. More filters.

Sort order. Oct 16, Paige Bookdragon rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , review-to-come , no-wimpy-girls , friendship , humor , love-the-hero , lurrrve , regency-historical-romance , adult , hot-working-man.

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Parker the Merciless? Parker the Lone Wolf? Would take a wife? What a thing. What a privilege.

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Henry turned back, a finger brushing a tear from his eye as he composed himself. Parker may be the King's most trusted man and closest friend in his court but he knows that any potential marriage that he would have in the future would be used for King Henry's benefit. So when he asked for King Henry's blessing to choose his own wife that would be Susanna , he knows he is risking his life and friendship with the King.

I love the King's reaction to this. We all heard about the multiple marriages King Henry have. View all 12 comments.

Feb 26, Alice rated it did not like it Shelves: tudor-history. It had an incredible plot. Absolutely brilliant. I loved this plot so much.

In a Treacherous Court- unfortunately- had horrible character development. I got the impression the author was simply working her hardest at getting her characters to a point in the story where they knew each other just well enough for her to throw in adult content. I found myself skipping through lots of scenes to get to more plot-related sequences. In a Treacherous Court saddened me when I discovered that so many modern authors these days feel that the only way to draw a crowd of readers is to allow inappropriate content in their novels not really thinking through that if they DIDN'T add that in they would get the same crowd who is looking for historical romance AS WELL as the crowd looking for CLEAN historical romance.

Not just good enough- but by far better. In a Treacherous Court had very high potential, but was regrettably disappointing. View all 14 comments. Jun 17, Jenny Q added it Shelves: review-copy , ebook , didn-t-finish. Well, I was really taken in by the description and the handful of glowing reviews. I was expecting a new high-quality romantic historical mystery series set amidst the dangerous court of Henry VIII, but this reads like a really bad self-pubbed romance. No subtlety, no finesse. For the first three chapters the characters have done nothing but admire each other while dodging flaming arrows.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes: The light gleamed fine brandy off her hair. She shook her head again and Well, I was really taken in by the description and the handful of glowing reviews.

She shook her head again and stood with the fluid grace of a swan. He wiggled his toes. His feet were magnificent. Susanna was fascinated by his finger, the way it caressed the trigger. And that's about all I can take, folks. Setting it down after three chapters. View 2 comments. Mar 07, Edie Ramer rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Everyone! Shelves: women-s-fiction-mainstream-commer , mainstream , romantic-suspense , tudor , henry-the-viii , historical.

In a Treacherous Court has everything. Suspense, royalty, intrigue, fantastic characters, great writing and a great love story. As I read it, I had the feeling that it really could have happened. I had chills. One of the best heroes ever. Susanna Horenbout, who was likely the king's arti In a Treacherous Court has everything. Susanna Horenbout, who was likely the king's artist, is his equal.

This book is page turning, yet it's so good you don't want it to end. I'm already eager to read Parker and Susanna's next adventure. Sep 07, Stephanie Bookfever rated it it was amazing Shelves: owned-physical-books , favorites. I received this wonderful book for review. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Michelle Diener! I love anything hystorical, from ancient Egypt to 19th century London. I've always loved anything that has to do with the Tudors and this book has left me even more interested in it.

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This book was extra special to me because ths book is about artist Susanna Horenbout, a Flemish pain I received this wonderful book for review. This book was extra special to me because ths book is about artist Susanna Horenbout, a Flemish painter from Ghent! I live in Belgium not too far from Ghent actually When she arrived, it wasn't long before there was an attempt on her life. John Parker, one of the King's most dangerous courtiers, was then charged to keep her safe.

More attacks follow and slowly a conspiracy against the throne is revealed. The more Susanna and Parker find out about the secret plot, the more deathly it becomes.

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I loved IaTC right from the start. Susanna was a great heroine.

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Strong, witty, talented and beautiful. I loved her voice and the way she handled herself against all the attacks she had to endure. I'm pretty sure most people would crack under the pressure but she always held herself standing straight. Naturally, Susanna being Flemish helped me like her a lot too.

Oh I just loved him. Michelle Diener really has a knack for creating not only amazing female characters but also swoon-worthy, protective, fighting, delicious men. I'm not sure if they really called him that but I love it. This book was so exciting! It really, truly was.

Lots of attacks and fighting, I loved that! The mystery and suspense were killing me, especially at the last part. I was so afraid everything wouldn't turn out right but of course it did.

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And the writing! That must be my favorite thing about IaTC. Michelle Diener truly is my new favorite writer. It was so fast paced and amazing that when I had only pages left, I forced myself to stop reading because I didn't want it to be over so soon. I absolutely got sucked in. When I did finished, I felt really sad. I need more, way much more!

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Luckily for me there's an ebook and another novel after this so once I get my hands on them, I'll be good. The romance between Susanna and Parker was perfect. They were attracted to each other pretty much right away but this isn't a bad thing.