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Seven Steps in the VR Process

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    The purposes of the evaluation are to gather diagnostic information and explore your background, abilities, disability-related barriers to employment and rehabilitation needs. If you are eligible, you will be assigned to a priority group based on the significance of your disability.

    Job Search Advice for Over 50 Year Olds

    When services are restricted during an order of selection, applicants in priority groups whose disabilities are less significant barriers to employment may have to wait until funds are available to pay for their services. If there is an order of selection when you apply for services, your counselor will explain it to you.

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    Your IPE is based on your strengths, resources, priorities, concerns, abilities, capabilities, interests and informed choice, and must be approved by DRS according to Rehabilitation Act requirements. The plan must be in writing. If you decide to write the IPE yourself, your counselor will explain what items should be included and what assistance is available to help you.

    Your plan must be completed within 90 days of the determination of eligibility unless you and your counselor agree to a specific extension.

    Information will be provided to you about types and costs of services, length of time services are expected to last, who is available to provide services and qualifications of service providers. You may be required to participate in assessment activities to help gather the information needed to identify your interests, capabilities, strengths and rehabilitation needs.

    Your counselor will do a financial status determination based on your income and financial resources before any services are provided. The purpose is to find out if you will need to share the cost of some services. However, some services are available to all eligible individuals without charges — for example, evaluations or other diagnostic assessments used to determine eligibility and rehabilitation needs; vocational counseling and guidance; information and referral to other sources; job search; on-the-job training and placement.

    Your counselor can provide a list of other services available to you at no charge.

    1. Identify your skill sets

    After you and your counselor sign the IPE, you will get a copy. The plan will be provided in large print, Braille, electronic file, CD, or audio tape at your request.

    Seven Steps in the VR Process | Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services

    To the maximum extent possible, the plan will be provided in your native language or method of communication, or that of your family member or other person representing you. At least once each year, you and your counselor will review your financial status and the IPE to be sure it is still the best plan for you. If your needs change while you are in vocational rehabilitation, your plan may need to be changed.

    You may ask for a review of your plan at any time. Recruitment process onboarding, or RPO, refers to the strategies organizations can use to help new hires adjust to the company culture, work environment and performance expectations of their new jobs. A successful RPO strategy should kick off at the moment of hire, and continue through the first few months of employment, in order to ensure employees transition smoothly into their new roles.

    Starting a Career as a Web Developer: Nearly Everything You Need to Know

    Employees want to enter into stable, organized work environments, where operations are practiced and streamlined. Having a formal orientation procedure in place is a good way to make sure new hires develop a sense of trust and respect for your business from day one. Each new staff member should receive the same introductory information, highlighting your brand vision and company procedures in a clear and detailed way. Do your best to make it interesting and interactive.

    Use technology, avoid lecture-style delivery, and be open to questions and comments. Beginning a new job can be intimidating, and many new employees aim to prove their worth early on. Defining milestones, whether they be calendar or performance-based, gives recently hired team members clear goals to strive for, keeping them motivated and on-track. Set up meetings to check-in with the new staff at least once a month for the first 90 days of employment, and be supportive as they find their way, which might take longer for some than others.

    Enlist current staff members to serve as a welcoming parade of sorts. A couple of additional strategies to consider are assigning a mentor to each hire to assist in training, or planning periodic team gatherings to help new members get to know their coworkers in a casual setting. Having an established onboarding process leads to higher employee retention and satisfaction rates. At the same time, it simultaneously increases productivity as new staff are offered adequate training and motivation to hit the ground running. Outsiders might think your job ends after an applicant is selected, but this is only the beginning.