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We always recommend taking a test ride at one of our dealers. With your shoes on, get a spirit level and place it between your legs. Position it at the groin area, as if you were sitting on a saddle. Keep holding the spirit level in the same position parallel to the floor as you move out of the way.

Measure the distance between the top of the spirit level and the floor. Aluminium ALT6 , triple butted aero tubing, forged dropouts with slider-belt-tensioning-system and Schindelhauer belt port, points for frame mounted front rack, smooth welded.

Installing a bicycle trailer onto the rear axle is possible but will require a hub hitch adapter. Please consult the trailer manufacturer or dealer for further information. We reserve the right to make minor changes to features without prior notice. Bikes Metropolitan Gustav. Gustav - The Allrounder.

Gustav Klimt: Vienna – Japan | Toyota Municipal Museum of Art

Price from 1. Information about shipping. To cart. Where I can get my Schindelhauer? We find it really handy to be able to carry heavy items on our bikes and so decided to design a front rack that securely attaches to the frame. The rack does not affect steering and Gustav can sail through traffic even with heavier items on board. We have equipped it with the innovative VarioStraps system, which can be adjusted to adapt to the size and shape of whatever you are carrying.

When not in use, the straps can be tucked away discreetly on the rack. Schindelhauer — frame-mounted front rack. Pull the straps tightly around a heavy fruit basket to attach it securely or fasten the straps gently around a delicate bunch of flowers.

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  8. You can securely carry pretty much anything you want on the front rack thanks to the numerous holes built into the VarioStraps system. When not in use, the straps can be neatly tucked away on the rack. Gustav — VarioStraps. With an output of 30 lux, the hub-dynamo operated LED headlight easily meets German road traffic regulations. Curana - ILU front light. When fitting a drive belt on a bike, you need an ultra-strong frame and rigid rear triangle. Parts and components made from aluminium are both strong and lightweight, making it the ideal material to use when designing rigid bikes.

    For this reason, at Schindelhauer Bikes we manufacture all our frames with high-quality aluminium. For maximum stiffness, each frame is T6 heat treated and for the perfect balance between lightweight design and durability, we use triple-butted aero tubing. As the front rack is attached to the head tube, torsional stiffness was especially important when it came to designing the frame for Greta.

    A Bad Time to Be Average

    We achieved this by adding a large-volume down tube. For increased flexibility when it comes to gear changing options, cables have been attached externally. This means the bike frame is ready to be fitted with the Gates Drive Belt.

    A child seat can be easily attached to this model. Our main goals when developing the geometry for this bike were to provide enough clearance for the large-volume B tyres, sufficient loading height for the front rack and a relaxed riding position. We incorporated a low bottom bracket and long head tube into the design to fully achieve all three aims. In order to mount a suspension seat post and give the bike traditional sloping-style geometry, we also made the seat tube a little shorter.

    On this model, you can also mount a child seat without it hindering your mobility. We want cyclists to be comfortable and able to explore the city at high speeds. The tyre makes light of cobblestones without the need to reduce pedalling speed. WTB - Horizon tyres.

    The carbon-fibre reinforced belt drive makes a wonderful alternative to the conventional chain.

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    As a result, the CDN belt drive lasts at least as long as a conventional chain. Multiple tests confirm that the belt drive is as efficient as a traditional chain.

    Early life.

    The belt drive particularly proves to be a better option over the long term when traditional chains operate much less efficiently due to a build-up of dirt and wear and tear. As the belt is completely lubricant and maintenance-free, the days of rolling your trousers up to avoid oil stains are over.

    We always focus on form as much as on function, so all frames are equipped with patented Schindelhauer Belt Port Technology.

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    Together with J. Franck he began his studies on electron impact in and before his mobilization, he spent much patient work on the study and measurement of ionization potentials in various gases. He later demonstrated the quantitative relations between the series of spectral lines and the energy losses of electrons in collision with atoms corresponding to the stationary energy states of the atoms.

    On his return to Berlin in , it was his first task to rebuild the Physics Institute and re-establish the School, and he worked tirelessly towards this end. There he was responsible for a method of separating the isotopes of neon by means of a diffusion cascade. Hertz has published many papers, alone, with Franck, and with Kloppers, on the quantitative exchange of energy between electrons and atoms, and on the measurement of ionization potentials. He also is the author of some papers concerning the separation of isotopes. They had two sons, both physicists: Dr.

    It was later edited and republished in Nobel Lectures. To cite this document, always state the source as shown above.