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What he gets is so much more Spoiler alert: All the creatures from past books come visit! A Christy Ottaviano Book. Ghost Cat - A boy who used to have a cat believes that its ghost is darting through his house by day and purring in his bed at night. Ghost in the House - Boo!

When a little ghost goes slip-sliding down the hallway, he suddenly hears…a groan! As the cautious explorers continue, they find a surprise at every turn — and add another adorably ghoulish friend to the count. Siblings Meg, Will, and Ariel Griffin are off on an adventure! Add in some very peculiar lights, strange new friends, a police chase and some stampeding sheep, and the Griffin kids are in over their heads—literally. Fourth-graders Drake Doyle and Nell Fossey combine their detective and scientific investigation skills to solve cases involving a crooked carnival barker, a mysterious ghost, an alien plant species invading wildlife habitats and a wobbly bridge.

Desmond and Andres are in for a bike-riding adventure in the second book of the Desmond Cole Ghost Patrol chapter book series! Welcome to Kersville, a town with a spooky history and a collection of ghosts and spirits who are major mischief-makers. Most kids spend their days without ever seeing or dealing with a ghost, but some kids get stuck with a haunt.

When that happens, they call Desmond Cole Ghost Patrol. Makes sense, right? Desmond and Andres battle beach bullies who also happen to be creepy monsters in the third book of the Desmond Cole Ghost Patrol chapter book series! And when it looks like his house is haunted, Sam may just get to prove how brave he is. A funny tale of ghost hunting, escaped pet snakes, and cats with attitude! Nancy, Bess, and George are dressing up as witches and are planning to create a special potion onstage for the judges. The recently renovated Heights Theatre has opened its doors for the auditions.

The old theatre had been abandoned for fifty years but is now restored to its original beauty. But Nancy knows better than to believe in ghosts.

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Then Bess sees monsters dancing around a piano playing on its own—the keys moving but no is playing it. Could the rumors be true? Is the Heights Theatre really haunted? The Case of the Graveyard Ghost - Drake Doyle and Nell Fossey, who are now in fifth grade, continue to combine their detective and scientific investigation skills to solve a variety of cases, involving a noisy laundry chute, a ruined flower show, and a ghost. Revenge of Superstition Mountain - In the third and final book in this action-packed trilogy, the Barker brothers and their good friend Delilah secretly climb up to Superstition Mountain one last time.

There are still mysteries to solve—is the creepy librarian really the ghost of Julia Thomas from a century before? Can they still get into the gold mine after the avalanche that nearly crushed them? Does their cat, Josie, have mysterious powers?

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And, most of all, who is trying to kill them? Can Shivers and his friends cure the curse cast by the most pungent ghost of all time, Quincy Thomas the Pirate? Abandoned by her mother and neglected by her scientist father, timid Elizabeth Murmur has only her fearless friend Zenobia for company. Elizabeth and Zenobia is a wonderfully compelling middle-grade story about friendship, courage, and the power of the imagination.

They get to hang out with their best friends, earn Lumberjane scout badges, annoy their no-nonsense counselor Jen. That last one? The itsy bitsy pumpkin rolled down the spooky street. A little pumpkin is trying to find his way back home! And with a little help from a friendly witch, he is soon safe and sound, back on his porch—where there are no spiders to be seen! Little ones will love this fresh fall spin on a classic nursery rhyme! Dylan is twelve years old and embarking on his first ocean kayaking trip with his parents.

He has spent the last year convincing them that he is ready for the challenging—and very dangerous—adventure. The small island off the coast of Newfoundland is the easternmost settlement in Canada. Or it was. It is now hauntingly empty, a ghost town clinging to the edge of the unforgiving Atlantic. Does the ghost town have anything to do with the dreams Dylan keeps having of his favourite grandfather who has just passed away?

And why does the old man on St. But odd things happen in Beaumont.

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Evie meets a boy who claims to be dead and receives a mysterious seed as an eleventh-birthday gift. Once planted, the seed grows into a tree overnight, but only Evie and the dead boy can see it—or go where it leads. The Haunted Bridge - Mr. Drew is on the trail of an international ring of jewel thieves and asks Nancy to assist him. The trail leads to a summer resort area. Several riddles confront the young detective as she attempts to solve the mystery of the haunted bridge and track down a woman suspected of being a key member of the gang of jewel thieves.

The first concerns a valuable collection of rare books that Mrs. Horace Merriam commissioned anart dealer to sell—has he swindled her instead? The second mystery revolves around the baffling theft of a beautiful marble statue. To solve both mysteries, the famous young detective disguises herself and assumes a false identity. An attempted kidnapping, a nearly disastrous sailboat collision, and an encounter with a dishonest sculptor are just a few of the exciting challenges that Nancy is faced with as she gathers evidence against a clever ring of art thieves.

Max has always been a whiz with electronics just take a look at her turbo-charged wheelchair. The messages grow increasingly sinister, and Max fears that this is more than just a bad joke.

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It is said that his ghost may be biding his time until he can exact revenge on the town of Blue Creek. To call him a jerk would be an understatement. If it is, these messages are just the beginning—and the town could be in danger. Meet Desmond Cole! A fearless eight-year-old who runs his own ghost patrol, looking for ghosts, monsters, and mischief makers everywhere.

Oh, and he just so happens to be my new best friend…and thank goodness! Desmond is the hall monitor of ghosts and monsters. We do everything together…including catch ghosts. Seems cool, right? Featuring moaning, groaning ghosts; a silly Cyclops; goofy lotus eaters; and two colorful sea monsters. Nancy and her friends must try to figure out why Izzy is acting strangely after visiting a haunted house.

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Is Izzy possessed by the ghost of Heliotrope Lane? Haunted by flashbacks of the accident that killed his parents, the best he can do is try to distract himself from memories of the past.

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Mollie, his border collie sheepdog, and auntie Annie are with him all the way. This book will be enjoyed by children of all ages. Read more Read less. Save Extra with 4 offers. To get the free app, enter mobile phone number. See all free Kindle reading apps.

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