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Here, in this essay from New York Times bestselling historian Thomas Fleming, is the story of what really happened that night.

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Product Details About the Author. About the Author New York Times bestselling author Thomas Fleming is one of the most respected and prolific historians and novelists of our time. He has written twenty nonfiction books that have won prizes and praise from critics and fellow historians, many with a special focus on the American Revolution. He has also written twenty-three historical novels, many of them bestsellers. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. Yet Davis didn't serve one day in prison for the View Product.

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Dreams of Glory. The best spy novel written about the American Revolution. George Washington's rebel troops shiver in their huts, bellies empty, and carrying resentment sharper than their swords. Across the frozen Hudson, the Eddie Rickenbacker Lost at Sea.

Steely determination enabled Eddie Rickenbacker, the World War I ace pilot, to survive twenty-four days Steely determination enabled Eddie Rickenbacker, the World War I ace pilot, to survive twenty-four days drifting across the Pacific in a life raft. First Stroke: Lexington and Concord. On April 19, , thirty-eight Americans formed two uneven lines on the wet grass of On April 19, , thirty-eight Americans formed two uneven lines on the wet grass of the two-acre common in Lexington, Massachusetts.

They were summoned by the rolling beat of sixteen-year-old William Diamond's brightly painted drum. The order to sound the George Washington's First Test. What were the French up to in the Ohio Valley in ? Setting out in Setting out in search of an answer, a bold young major from Virginia named George Washington soon found himself skirting catastrophe, New York Times bestselling author Thomas Fleming With the encouragement of the British, the Indians were brutally massacring settlers and soldiers by the thousands.

By showing how countries around the world have overcome these problems, The Fix brings hope when we need it most. Pink, author of Drive. The book also contains dozens of no-holds-barred reviews of hotels, restaurants, nightlife venues and shops, from authors who have visited them all, and so have the ability to compare.

Frank delights in skewering the sacred cows of coastal liberalism. A serious political critique.

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And for the millions looking to continue the political revolution, he outlines a progressive economic, environmental, racial, and social justice agenda that will create jobs, raise wages, protect the environment, and provide health care for all — and ultimately transform our country and our world for the better. For him, the political revolution has just started.

The campaign may be over, but the struggle goes on. Keep your cottage out of the hands of in-laws and creditors. Develop a legal structure to take care of the business of ownership, freeing you and your family to enjoy your precious time at the cottage. Make a smooth transition from one generations ownership to the next.

Saving the Family Cottage explains the problems that almost always pop up when family members with different interests and financial situations inherit a vacation home together. And it offers solutions for families who want to preserve this valuable asset for generations to come.

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Then the mysterious new occupant, an old man calling himself Dr. Fell, builds an amazing playscape in his front yard. Increasingly, serious accidents begin to occur—with apparently minimal consequences, once the injured child has been treated by Dr. Jerry, Nancy, and Gail seem to be the only ones who see that something sinister is happening. Author Neilsen is a gifted storyteller, and he narrates his tale by giving particularly evocative voices to Dr. Future generations will receive the same comfort and joy from A Boy Called Christmas that they derive from mince pies, snowmen and creamy liqueurs.

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Who are Group B? And what side are Thomas and Teresa really on? Lies will be exposed. Secrets will be uncovered.

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Loyalties will be proven. Fans will never see the truth coming. Before there was the Maze, there was The Fever Code.

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Discovered by a kind witch, who mistakenly feeds the child moonlight, the girl grows up with a potent power she must learn to control. This swiftly paced and highly imaginative title expertly weaves myriad threads into a memorable story that will easily enchant readers.

Clean and spare, the verse brings the characters to life, while in the radiant artwork, their spirits soar. Rooted in history, this powerful, imaginative book honors those who endured slavery in America. Flashes of humor lighten the mood at times, but a tone of urgency and imminent danger seems as integral to this series as the last. With appealing new characters within a familiar framework, this spin-off will satisfy the demand for more.

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They have a plan to finish the Clue hunt on their own terms. A secret that could cost Amy and Dan — and the world — everything. But [this] spare, immediate account, based on a true story, adds a stirring contemporary dimension. Young readers will be stunned by the triumphant climax. In doing so, she uncovered a handful of family secrets, not the least of which is that she and her mother are catamounts, shape-shifting mountain cats who protect the forest. Her newfound wildness, though, is not without cost, and when dangerous men with vicious hunting wolfhounds come to the Biltmore, Serafina is more determined than ever to protect her home and her family.

Serafina, brave and fierce, is a wild heroine who will continue to appeal to many middle-grade readers. They thought they were the only ones who knew about Gideon Cahill and his Clues. The Cahills were wrong. Powerful enemies —the Vespers— have been waiting in the shadows. Along the way, the text includes examples from many cultures outside Western civilization. Each chapter leads off with a fictional story, such as Maryam and her mother visiting their neighborhood bathhouse in Constantinople in The narrative glosses over the events that left Natumi parentless—although the back matter mentions the problems of poaching—making this tale of confidence and family suitable for even younger readers.

The relationship at the heart of the novel is between Wavy and Kellen, a drug runner for her father who changes her life. This is a memorable coming-of-age tale about loyalty, defiance, and the power of love under the most improbable circumstances.

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Denis with this romantic tale of a man who takes a second chance on love with the high school crush who broke his heart. Loneliness, lost loves, dilapidated trailers, parties littered with empty beer cans, and women running through the woods all feature prominently throughout the book. Though the protagonists in each story are certainly different—hippies, farmers, young girls, old women—they can tend to blur together.

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Still, MacArthur is able to render complicated situations precisely and depict tenderness and harshness with an equally deft hand. This fast-paced story about the personal and legal clash over the invention of the light bulb is a tale of larger-than-life characters and devious doings, and a significant meditation on the price we as a society pay for new technology.

Thoughtful and hugely entertaining. The queen has been feeling a bit, well, depressed, and she goes to the Mews to see her favorite horse. Then she boards a train for Edinburgh to pay a visit to the former royal yacht Britannia, a reminder of happier days. The idea of the queen wandering about on her own would constitute a national emergency, so her dresser, her butler, a lady-in-waiting, and an equerry all follow after her, hoping to shield her from the press and MI5.

Also in her wake are Rajiv, a young man who works in the cheese shop, and Rebecca, a young woman who works in the Mews. Give it to lovers of all things British…. At the center of the story is an actual Jewish religious work called the Sarajevo Haggadah, one of the first texts of its kind to feature illuminated images. Over the course of her labors, Hanna finds that the book reveals clues about itself and its background.