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The stories in the documentary are very personal. How did you approach them with sensitivity? A big part of it was the relationship. The people in the film, I have to have a real connection with.

And not only a personal connection, but hopefully be a friend of yours and someone who engages you in a conversation. The second part — which is more important — is that they trust me with the telling of that story, because it is such a sensitive story to tell. It keeps spiralling out because the stakes are so high. It really is a very emotionally draining — yet emotionally rewarding — subject to be involved in. It remains fiercely independent and extremely progressive through the generational ownership by the Hill-Smith family. There is foresight to embrace the natural terroir to craft wines with individual character and a sense of purpose, a spirit to reinvest in the land upon which it operates and knowledge to behave as a leader in the industry.

From small bites to shared feasts, there are flavours to suit all tastes. A nod to the roaring s, The Collins blends classic charm with modern sophistication. This is not just a great read, but also an important book. Packed with emotion, and the ability to make you think, not just about your life, but others as well, you will find yourself doing a lot of reflecting.

The story is told through the eyes of a very real, and personable character who sees his near perfect life turned upside down. I really saw this as a modern aged Siddhartha, and a book I will share with friends and family because not only is it a great read, the underlying theme is import This is not just a great read, but also an important book. I really saw this as a modern aged Siddhartha, and a book I will share with friends and family because not only is it a great read, the underlying theme is important and often lost in today's culture.

Apr 21, Eunice Moral rated it really liked it. Poignant and sincere. The author sent me a copy in exchange for an honest review. Thank you so much Vincent! This book, isn't just your ordinary book. It contains so much wisdom that will suck you in and give life to a whole different you, or at least a person with a whole lot different perspective towards things - things that we often neglect, things that are far more important, things that actually matter.

This book was more like an eye-opener, at least it is for me. I was at the time of my life Poignant and sincere. I was at the time of my life when I was lost, and struggling - struggling to fit in, struggling to make sense of the decisions I've made in the past, may it be the worst or the best ones, when I read this book. And I literally had goosebumps after finishing it, because this book puts my life into a perspective.

Dying to Live showed me that there are things that are larger than life, that we have no control over no matter how hard we try and that it is okay.

Dying to live

It is okay to accept defeat sometimes, it's okay to feel bad at some point - what is important is the attitude. Whether you will face it head on or cower into submission.

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This book mainly focused on giving out inspiration to people, and it definitely served its purpose on me. I had this epiphany whilst reading it, and made me value however long or short borrowed time I was offered. This book takes us to the remaining days of Brendon Merullo a wealthy man diagnosed with cancer. Dying To Live was about how he was able to move on from the devastating news, how he was able to put on a positive attitude amidst misery, how he was able to come to terms with the fact that he was only left with a little moment to spare - and he definitely made the most out of it.

The story revolved how he repented all his shortcomings to his wife, to his family and to the people around him and made the most out of what is still left. It was heartbreaking enough for me because this book hits home. My father died of cancer, and I could fully relate to what the main character of the book was going through, because I saw it, I saw how my father did the same.

This book had the ability to tug on one's heartstrings. It was able to send its message across loud and clear. Though it was not the typical novel that we are used to, it was more of recalling events that happened throughout the life of the main character and how he was able to move past it from day to day, like a journey of some sort, the beauty of it was not lost on me.

I appreciated how easy it was to get into and how sincere the narration was. I know this book is not for everyone, but I think a large range of people may very well appreciate this. It has wisdom and moral that will leave you feeling renewed. I will definitely share this to friends, and make them feel all the necessary messages this book wanted to convey. Solid 4 stars for me.

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Jul 10, Gto Joe rated it it was amazing. I typically wouldn't read a book like this, but am so glad that one of my friends insisted that I did. It is one that you pick up and cannot put down. The truths hidden throughout the works are humbling as facts we all know, but sometimes forget. May 20, Donna Valente rated it it was amazing. I received this book from Goodreads giveaway and I am glad that I did Wow!!

This book is excellent. It is very intense and makes you look at your life and change a few things. Brilliant author!!! A very good read. Jun 11, Gina DeRosa rated it it was amazing. As a new mother this book really speaks to the lessons I hope to instill in my daughter. A recommended read for all ages. Jun 11, Keith rated it it was amazing. What a page turner. Once I picked this book up I never wanted to put it down.

Great read!! Will force you to look at your life in a different light. Feb 24, Lily rated it liked it Shelves: , personal-growth. We are supposed to go to college, not for what we want to do, but for what will make us the most money. We are supposed to take the job that pays us the most, without considering the negative cost that cannot be calculated in dollars and cents. I think for the right reader this novel will prove to be a powerful and poignant read, filled with little gems that will make you stop and think about your life, your priorities and the choices you are making with your limited time on this earth.

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Is the life you are living really the life you want? What really matters to you? What does it really mean to be happy in a world that promises you everything but is actually creating a culture that is just the opposite? Is the path that society tells us we should follow really going to bring us happiness and contentment?

What is success to you? Monteleone explores a lot of powerful concepts, from the pitfalls of consumerism and materialism in society to the harsh reality that wealth does not equate with happiness to the need for accessibility and affordability in health care. It is a reminder that the choices we make in life define us as people and will affect the legacy we leave behind. It is a reminder to be grateful for what you have, rather than always needing more, more, more.

It is a reminder to make memories, rather than sit back and let life pass you by. At its core this is really a book that looks at the values of modern western society and asks its readers to think about their lives.

Dying To Live

Which is important and necessary and valuable. While in hindsight this book is not the sort of thing I would normally read, it certainly made me think about some areas of my own life where I should be more discerning and deliberate. I think many people will find something relatable and honest in this book that is filled with many significant teachable topics.

Edgar Winter- Dying to live

Dying to Live reads as part self-help book and part chapter length essays on different topics, with the main character musing on aspects both good and bad of society and the things he has come to realise. There is a very reflective, nostalgic quality to the writing, sprinkled with inspirational quotes on a multitude of topics to enhance the concepts Monteleone is discussing.

The chapters are short and the writing style simple and accessible, making this an easy book to read quickly and one suited to a wide audience range. Even younger readers will likely find something of value in this book, although there is a little language to be aware of. The biggest downfall for me as a reader of this book was its inability to escape the trap of telling rather than showing.

It made it hard to relate to him as a character and he felt oddly ill-defined, a chalkboard upon which topics could be discussed but without any vibrancy himself. As a reader I would much prefer a story where I go on a journey with a character, where there is an actual internal conflict as they grow and learn these lessons and evolve as a person. This book is like a motivational poster; inspiring words on the surface, but derivative platitudes without any deeper substance to actually create a proper narrative. It also ended up being quite repetitive, going back over the same concepts again and again without any development or growth.

Because of these factors it started to lose some power for me. On the whole this is a quick and easy book to read that will certainly make readers think about the way they live their life and analyse their priorities and choices.