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She storms out, as she should, and Hakeem starts whining to Shine. They drive out to the suburbs Connecticut? Long Island? And two of his three baby mamas are there, chatting with each other in some sort of picturesque polygamous paradise. Meanwhile, Andre goes to an outdoor cafe with Pamela and immediately starts accusing her of working with Diana. She breaks up with him and then leaves, and he smashes a glass while yelling to get her back.

Turns out Thirsty was watching, and he immediately calls Lucious to get there before Andre leaves. So what was Nessa, chopped liver? You guys had a ghost threesome!!! Rhonda passed the baton!

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Warren agrees right away, which makes Cookie suspicious. So clearing his name is the least I can do. He spills, and Cookie goes to Andre. Cookie and Lucious try to find out what Andre might have said during his sessions — especially after he was super medicated — but all he remembers is talking about not being able to perform sexually. Turns out Poundcake had been there for a whole month, and when they both got out, Poundcake told Cookie he made her sign away her parental rights.

Back in the present, Jamal has been drinking and listening over and over to the song he recorded with Warren. Luckily, before he can spiral too far down, Hakeem arrives, and they decide to sit in their misery together. Recap continues on page 2. I love this scene!! Turns out she was already on her way.

I murdered him! Do you have any idea what that feels like? They race to his apartment. It was me. I tried to kill my father. Instead of understanding, Pamela smiles. I have a confession, too, Andre.

That seems a little harsh, Pam. I hoped Andre would grab the gun, but she gets it first, and points it to him while reading his Miranda rights. But Andre launches at her to wrestle the gun out of her hand, and they tussle onto the ground.

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Then, as Andre squeezes her…the life runs out of her body. Just then, Cookie and Lucious arrive at the door. Andre is crying and panicking and apologizing.

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She lied this whole time! But then she drops a bomb. See for yourself. Apparently, in the scene at the cafe, people were staring because he was yelling at the air.

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With Andre, she went for the brain and ended up getting the heart, too, as a bonus. Can we please put Diana, Angelo, and Anika away once and for all? Empire recap: 'Cupid Painted Blind'. FB Twitter ellipsis More.

Image zoom. S4 E8. TV Show. Lee Daniels and Danny Strong created this Fox drama about a kingpin of hip-hop played by Terrence Howard and his family, who fight him for control of the empire. Episode Recaps Previous.

S5 E18 Recap. Empire season finale recap: Broken hearts, broken vows, and a breakthrough. By Luria Freeman. S5 E17 Recap. S5 E16 Recap. Take it with you. Guides you to smart, interesting podcasts based on category, channel, or even specific topics. Looking for a high-quality podcasts app on Android? Player FM might just be it.

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