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But if not, Jump right in!!! Aug 16, Cameron rated it liked it Shelves: read-in Having said that, I feel that there are some elements that readers will enjoy and find interesting.

There was a lot more growth on the part of the secondary characters this time around which was nice to see, though I would have enjoyed seeing more in Curry and Chansey as well. Solomon took a bigger role, Gia and Lairah also showed up more much to my pleasure, and there were a series of new characters to be introduced to which was fun.

There are new twists and surprises in this book. This is still a sweet romance story. I actually liked that this carried over from the previous book because I rather enjoy a subtle, easy romance story every once in a while. Like the first book of the series, this was also a fast read. Once again, I loved the cover for this book.

Whomever it is that Cates has as a cover designer, really does spectacular work. While some questions are answered in this book, I was still disappointed with how things ended because there are no satisfactory answers given to the questions brought up in this novel. So, while the concept is there lurking in the background of our minds, we are going to have to wait until book three for answers.

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Much like we had to wait for this book for the resolution between Curry and Marsala. Events clearly are meant to carry over in the series, and while I like books that build on top of each other, I dislike those that make it so obvious. Jun 11, L. Olteano rated it liked it Shelves: book-tour , reviewed , blog-review , received-for-review.

As a personal note, I enjoyed more the first book, it felt tenser to me, and you guys know I'm a sucker for intensity in things. The Blood Jewel side of things was also very interesting, so the world building was cool because the author thought up interesting building blocks for it and weaved them together nicely. The characters were fun, Chansey and Curry and the whole crew were fun to watch.

I found Marsala to be quite interesting, I liked her as an antagonist. Sadly, I can say I liked Marsala more as a character then the main couple, she was more charismatic, interesting, intriguing. This might have to do with the fact that the chemistry between the main couple didn't really feel convincing to me.

They had the whole love-vibe going there, but relationships I like to read about are constantly tense and more edgy then lovey-dovey so for me those two just weren't tortured enough. Sorry, I know it sounds evil, but it's how I feel. The whole marriage and etc after that didn't strike me as a new approach or twist in the relationship arc, so the main engine of such stories wasn't really putting things in motion for me.

I was curious to see what would happen, but I'd honestly have to say it relied more on the dynamics of the relationship from the first book then on this one alone. I liked that the relationship evolved and became what a relationship naturally becomes, that felt like a dose of realism in the relationship arc and I very much so approved. If you're the type of romantic who likes the HEA happily ever after type of relationships that just seem to magically work from a point onward, I think most of the plot will work for you better then it did for me.

For me, these sorts of relationships don't strike me as very believable, so as far as the love story goes it was win some, lose some overall. The writing was approachable and flew well, but it had a wee bit of an epic tint for me, I don't know how to properly explain that. It just read a bit like an epic story, something about the tone maybe, the way the words came together, I'm not sure.

It was very I'm that sort of reader that rather likes playful instead of proper, but I'm sure there are many others that like it better the other way around. Overall, I find this was a cool sequel to book one of the series, it could have been more exciting and it could have been worse. It was a cool read, if you read the first book you should read this one as well, I think. Butterfly-o-Meter Books I was a little late in reading book 2 of the series, and was so bummed out about it. But I have to say, great things come to those who wait.

Lets start with the cover shall we. A young lady with a tiara and a beautiful white gown looking at me. An iron gate set in the background. Where does it lead? Is it symbolic? I can tell the young lady has a story to be told, but what could it be?

Blood Jewel

I am beyond ready to find out. This time you get just a little taste of who Marsala is from her past. I wanted so I was a little late in reading book 2 of the series, and was so bummed out about it. I wanted so much more. I have to admit, I want to see how Marsala came to be. Author Georgia Cates picks up where book 1 left off. The handsome vampire Curry Brennan and his love Chansey Leclaire are learning and loving one another and right when things were getting great, a curve ball named Marsala enters the picture.

Now Curry has to scramble to figure out how to keep his love safe and out of Marsala's nasty hands. The story isn't complete without my two favorite characters to help Curry out, Sebastian and Solomon, Curry's two very hot vampire friends. Author Georgia Cates allows the audience to get to know these guys a little more, and by doing so, loving the characters without a doubt. I kept going from Team Sebastian to Team Solomon. Cates was able to give these gigantic monsters of the night, a sweetness and gentleness that is rarely found in vampires. You can't help but fall for these two guys.

While these guys are together a question arises, What is a Blood Jewel? When the new vampire is introduced we watch these vampires try and determine whether to be selfish and ignore the human, I mean they have their own problems going on with Marsala or selfless and do whats right, even if it meant getting hurt. The struggle of trying to figure out if is it worth loosing everything for someone they never met.

Guess, what? The question is there again, What is a Blood Jewel? Multi-task much? These vampires made it look like a piece of cake. They had me on the edge of my seat with one question answered another two arose. This book was beyond exhilarating. Cates also opened us up to see more of my Solomon. This hunk of loveable vampire is given such a softness and we watch him evolve. The beauty is that we don't know what the outcome of the evolving. Author Cates throws out so many curve balls and surprises you are left with your mouth dropped open and saying "No she didn't!

Too many details or too much fluff. Cates gave us a spectacular story with the right amount of ingredients to keep me hungry for more and turning those pages.

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Cates left me needing more and ended with such a fantastic cliff hanger I cannot wait for book 3 to be published. May 04, Ellen rated it it was amazing Shelves: blog-tours. Curry and Chansey have gone to New Orleans to the compound there for Chansey's safety. Curry has proposed to Chansey and they are making wedding plans. While there, the evil Marsala uses black magic in an attempt to see through Curry's eyes and find out their location.

Chansey has other plans for Marsala, and nips that in the bud in a rather entertaining way. However, due to the threat of Marsala finding them, they have to move the wedding plans up.

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After the wedding and the honeymoon, they go to live with Solomon at the Savannah Compound, in order to keep Chansey safe. Chansey wants Curry to change her, so they can be together for eternity, but Curry doesn't want to. Marsala continues to use black magic, and attempts to kill Chansey. This forces Curry to rethink his decision, and he is torn between keeping her human, or changing her into something he doesn't even want to be himself. While in Savannah, a new fledgeling is taken in and she begs Solomon and Curry to save her sister, who is being held captive by another vampire cult.

It is risky, but they agree to attempt to save her. What they find out is that this girl is a blood jewel. Her blood is like heroin to vampires, they just can't get enough. Solomon is forced to do something during their rescue attempt that he hasn't done in years, and he experiences intense inner turmoil afterwards because of what he has done.

In the meantime, Curry and Chansey get a very unexpected surprise, one which will change things forever. I absolutely loved this book. Georgia Cates is one of my favorite authors and she has delivered another outstanding story in Blood Jewel. The prologue to this story is so moving and just sets you up emotionally for what is to come. I fell more in love with Curry in this book. The story is told from his point of view, which I really enjoyed.