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Bosco, who normally turns up in grayer, more classical attire, looks quite mad in head-to-toe redwhite-and-green, and we share his glee in the prank. It's as if Ralph Richardson had suddenly been reborn as Charles Ludlam. Williams is merry at first - he's heading for a party - but after Mr. Bosco tells him some tragic news, the actor sits at a formica table and slowly, touchingly deflates. As Mr. Williams provides the illusion of shrinking within his clothes - and it is an actor's illusion, not a stage effect - he looks like a Macy's parade balloon that's been stabbed in the heart.

Noonan wants to stab the audience in the heart, too, and one only wishes he took better aim. But the author takes too long to get down to serious business, and, by then, it's too late.

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The first act of ''Some Men Need Help'' seems to belong to another play entirely. In style, format and even setting, it's a reversegender replay of Mr. Last time a middle-aged Texan vulgarian met up with a prim, Waspy housewife; this time Mr. Williams's Waspy public-relations executive, Hudley T.

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Singleton 3d known as Hud. Although the specific details are different, the symbiotic relationship that develops also recalls the previous play. The older man has arrived to bail out the younger one, who is taking refuge in vodka to recover from his wife's departure. Hud doesn't want any moral support, least of all from a dems-and-dose loudmouth who may be a retired Mafia Don.

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While the insurgent group does not pose a direct threat to the Peruvian government as it did in the s, its ties to drug trafficking mean that it remains a threat to national security. Humala is, of course, aware of the challenges that curbing the production of coca and cocaine in Peru poses, and as president-elect referred to the U. Ricardo Soberon, the recently installed head of the Peruvian anti-narcotics advisory body known as DEVIDA , announced in August that the Peruvian government was suspending its only coca eradication program. Speaking on the reversal, U.

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Despite the initial indicators that Humala might try something different in Peru, the suspension of drug eradication lasted little more than a week. Coca eradiation, however, was certainly not scaled back in favour of alternative development in the new strategy playbook. Eradication goals form a crucial element of the initiative and have taken precedent over other aspects, with the call for a percent increase in the destruction of illicit coca by This has led to an increase in the seizure of precursor chemicals and the elimination of a number of high profile traffickers.

The vast majority of international counter-drug assistance received by Peru, however, is still supplied by Washington, which continues to prioritize control and law enforcement above other aspects.

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Figures released by the U. The most ambitious U. Plan Colombia has been hailed as a great success. Both President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have praised the improvements made to internal security in Colombia over the past decade. It is certainly true that the security situation has improved somewhat since the implementation of Plan Colombia. Violence was checked and murder rates, kidnappings, and acts of terrorism were reduced drastically between and as the military began to reassert state authority and retook Colombian territory from both traffickers and the FARC.

But despite the huge resources expended on Plan Colombia it has ultimately had a negligible impact on the drug industry in the Andes. Colombia remains the second largest producer of coca leaf in the world, just behind Peru, and although there has been a reduction in the amount of cocaine produced in Colombia since the s, attributing this to improvements in security brought about by Plan Colombia is debateable.

There are indications that, in a fashion reminiscent of the Colombian initiative, Humala may be willing to escalate military involvement in the drug war.

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One example of this is the purchase of British made amphibious vehicles for patrolling and support of the armed forces in the VRAEM. Apr 15, Paras2 rated it it was amazing. Apr 02, Kest Schwartzman rated it it was amazing. Jul 17, Tash rated it it was amazing. A cute little whimsical short story about authorial intention, and the purpose and meaning of art.

As a giant balloon comes to exist in a city numerous people have different interactions with this mystical balloon, all of which reflect different attitudes to art. I found this adorable, although I do get frustrated when people have conceptions of art that are different to mine, and this is one of those times. This was a gentle and almost convincing glimpse into another person's opinion.

Also I ju A cute little whimsical short story about authorial intention, and the purpose and meaning of art. Also I just really love the balloon as a choice of metaphor or I suppose this could be seen as a literal art piece within a piece of fiction as well , it just brings such, sorry for repeating myself, soft whimsy to something that could otherwise be made into something complicated and dense.

Mar 30, Lea Dokter rated it it was ok. Beautifully written but entirely confusing. Sep 19, Simon rated it it was ok Shelves: almost-never-read , short-stories , why-did-i-read-this. What is the Balloon, why is it here? What does it mean and what is its purpose?


I like the Balloon, I hate the balloon, this Balloon is illegal and cannot be here? The Balloon is art and made for people to see and enjoy and wonder upon.

The Balloon does and is all of these things, and is the result of what, a trivial fight between two people? The story is simple, yet brings the mind across all manners of thinking and wondering. How would I react if it was to happen to me? What if?

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Is it all What is the Balloon, why is it here? Is it all so much more? The audience thinks about the Balloon. Mar 31, Courtney rated it liked it Shelves: American Literature II is a class that I am currently taking. During this class we are required to read novels, poems, and short stories that we might not have ever read otherwise. Some are good and some are bad; however, all are legendary and useful for the overall growth of literature everywhere.

Oct 09, Michelle rated it liked it. Alex rated it really liked it Aug 07, Anna rated it liked it Jan 18, Martyna rated it it was ok Dec 18, Elisa rated it it was ok Dec 04, Simon Kempe rated it really liked it Apr 23, Daniela rated it liked it Nov 30, Jonathan rated it really liked it Apr 20, Alex Greig rated it really liked it Jan 12, Charlie rated it liked it May 16, Katharina rated it did not like it Nov 29, Indu Muralidharan rated it it was amazing Nov 13, Derek Minno-Bloom rated it liked it Sep 26,