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Altimier and Raylene M. About the Editors:. She has authored more than journal articles and 25 textbooks. Her career is dedicated to nursing education and to the health of neonates and their families, as well as educational and professional development of healthcare practices in neonatology. Her dedication includes providing a healthcare standard for educating neonatal nurses nationally and internationally.

Her passion led her to begin the journal Newborn and Infant Nursing Reviews, in which she served as editor and then associate editor. Leslie B.

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In her year nursing career, she has worked in a variety of neonatal, pediatric, and adult intensive care units, and has been a clinical director of nursing for a hospital network consisting of a bed level III NICU and multiple level II NICUs. Altimier is a renowned clinician who lectures internationally and has published over articles, chapters, and books on topics related to the care of neonates and families, NICU design, and organizational leadership.

She also holds a nursing executive certification by the AANC.

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Altimier has contributed to nursing through practice, education, leadership, research, and publications. She is passionate about neuroprotective developmental care, family-integrated care, and compassionate care and has earned the Neonatal Developmental Care Specialist Designation from NANN. Her goal is to create a culture of change in healthcare worldwide. Marina V. She is a member of Sigma Theta Tau International. Her research interests center on transition from hospital to home and to primary care for parents of preterm infants.

She has published in this area as well as neonatal care topics. She co-authored a policy brief on Red for the American Academy of Nursing. Target Audience:. Prenatal Considerations and Care Chapter 1. Dzubaty Unit II.

Intrapartal and Newborn Care Chapter 3. Bagwell Chapter 4. Cavaliere Chapter 5. Prater Unit III. Systems Assessment and Management of Disorders Chapter 6. Carlo Chapter 7. Goff Chapter 8. Ngo and Manoj Shah Chapter 9. Steward Chapter Cardin Chapter Ditzenberger and Susan Tucker Blackburn Chapter Auditory System Kathleen Haubrich Chapter Parker Chapter Parker Unit IV.

Special Considerations Chapter Anderson Chapter Meeker Chapter Vulnerable Populations Chapter Juco-Purdy Chapter Premji Chapter McCourt Chapter Bagwell Unit VI. Altimier and Diane Holditch-Davis Chapter White Chapter Altimier Chapter McGrath and Dorothy Vittner Chapter Ryan Chapter Discenza Unit VII. Pressler Chapter Newbold Chapter Pressler and Valerie Boebel Toly Chapter Boykova Chapter Phillips Chapter III.

Mullaney Chapter V. Sharpe Chapter VI. Target Audience: The book is useful to a wide audience in nursing, including undergraduate and graduate nursing students, practicing neonatal and pediatric nurses, and advanced practice nurses who care for neonates. Special prices are applicable to the authorised sales territory only. Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Carole Kenner, Leslie B. Altimier, Marina V. List price.

Allied Health: Practice Issues and Trends into the New Millennium

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