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The book presents a collection of tutorials, surveys, and original contributions, providing an up-to-date, accessible reference for further development of research and applications in mobile and wireless video communication systems. The range of coverage and depth of expertise make this book the go-to resource for facing current and future challenges in this field.

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Features Covers fundamentals and emerging trends in mobile and wireless video communications Explores cutting-edge topics, such as Quality-of-Experience in wireless video communications, video communications over future networks, distributed multimedia networking, and green multimedia networking Discusses the deployment of practical mobile and wireless video communication systems, useful to practicing communications engineers.

WLANs were initially set up to handle bursty non-real-time type of data traffic. Therefore, the wireless access protocols initially defined are not suitable for voice traffic. Subsequently, updates in the standard have been made to provision for QoS requirements of data, especially for real time traffic of voice and video data. However, despite these updates, transmitting voice traffic over WLAN does not utilize the available bandwidth BW efficiently, and the number of simultaneous calls supported in practice is significantly lower than what the BW figures would suggest.

Several modifications have been proposed to improve the call capacity, and recently the isochronous coordination function ICF was introduced to mitigate the problem of low call capacity. In this paper, the authors propose a modified ICF which further improves the performance in terms of the call capacity. The proposed scheme uses multiplexing and multicasting in the downlink to substantially increase the call capacity.

In the third paper, D.

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Nursimlo et al. This integrated approach is based on the context of the applications utilized.

Furthermore, to reduce system redundancies and signaling loads, several functionalities of FMIPv6 and SIP have been integrated to optimise the integrated mobility scheme. The proposed scheme aims at reducing the handover latency and packet loss for an ongoing real-time traffic. Using ns-2 simulation, the authors demonstrate that the proposed mobility architecture achieves lower handover delay and less packet loss than using either FMIPv6 or SIP and hence presents a powerful handover mobility scheme for next-generation IP-based wireless systems.

In the fourth paper, A.

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Fernandez-Duran et al. The raise of such new convergent services is due to the expansion of IP networks based on the availability of innovative advanced coding formats such as H. This paper presents a new and simple dimensioning model of conversational video over wireless LAN. WLAN is addressed under the optimal network throughput and the perspective of video quality.

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The maximum number of simultaneous users resulting from throughput is limited by the collisions taking place in the shared medium with the statistical contention protocol. The video quality is conditioned by the packet loss in the contention protocol.

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    Machine learning techniques for dynamically optimizing wireless video. Scalable compression techniques for practical traffic shaping in the network.