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After struggling to escape the heaviness of the past and create a better life for myself, in I finally discovered a really powerful technique that was about to change my life in ways I never even dreamed was possible. I was just a customer support specialist at that time, but not long after I started working with this technique, I was promoted to a different department and in a few months I became the head of the Product Development Creative Department at Mindvalley.

I began working very closely with authors like Burt Goldman, Laura Silva, Mike Dooley, Lee Holden and many others on creating really amazing personal development courses. In April my blog post, 15 Things You Should Give Up to Be Happy, was being shared all over the Internet, attracting a lot of new readers to the PurposeFairy blog and a lot of new fans on the social media platforms. The PurposeFairy Facebook page went from having less than fans in to having over K fans at this very moment.

Divine Abundance: Keys to Unlock Your Inner Wisdom

I was also given the opportunity to be a photographer at Awesomeness Fest Bali — one of the most incredible and impactful personal growth and entrepreneurship events in the world. And all of it because I started using this incredible clearing technique to remove the many subconscious blocks that were keeping the real me from shining. Your subconscious mind is a very powerful and mysterious force that can either hold you back in life or help you advance confidently in the direction of your dreams, goals, and intentions.

And in order for this powerful force to work with you, and for you, rather than against you, you first need to learn how to remove those hidden subconscious-self-limiting blocks, negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions that were largely formed in your mind before the age of 6. But just as easy as you get these fear, limiting beliefs and abundance blocks, you can just as easily remove them.

Life Purpose Alignment

And for me, removing the many subconscious blocks that were sabotaging my happiness, health, abundance, and wellbeing helped me tremendously. If you want to learn more about this clearing technique, there is a FREE Annual Energy Clearing session hosted by the amazing author, Christie Marie that can help you get rid of these blocks. If you have the time and energy to invest in this special event, it will be worth every second of it.

Your life will simply be as good as you allow it to be. Luminita, the Founder of PurposeFairy, is an enthusiastic student of the arts, psychology, and spirituality. Today I choose not to struggle anymore, today I choose not to fight against the whole universe, against what is, against the present […]. We can heal our life as fast as we can heal our beliefs, and that can happen in an instance. Can you believe […]. Luminita D. We are required to overcome that which we inherited that limits us, such as as parental conditioning, ancestral patterns, collective densities, as well as core level blocks, fears, and inhibitions.

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I have put together a protocol to help you do this, so that your capacity to live your purpose and thrive on this planet is increased exponentially. We each have multiple aspects within our psyche. This protocol will bring those aspects into greater alignment so that your thoughts and actions are more powerful and congruent. Most people have given away some energy to external forces or teachers at some point in their life.

This protocol will unweave you from any unhealthy dynamics with people, teachers, groups, religions, and the collective so that you can move forward with all of your energy and sovereignty intact. We each have free will to co-create what we desire.

Life Purpose Alignment

Though, by aligning our personal will with the natural intelligence of the Earth and the Universe, we access a new level of support and empowerment into your life. This protocol supports you in this alignment process so that your path can unfold more effortlessly and with greater synchronicity. This protocol is about resolving those tendencies and claiming the power of love to guide you forward to bring restoration to your authentic power.

As we energetically align with our Life Purpose blueprint and begin giving our gifts to humanity, our blueprint begins to unlock, anchor and attract all we need to thrive. Our career unfolds more smoothly, joyously and effortlessly and all the key relationships we require show up in our lives. This protocol contains some key steps and activations to help you get traction on this forward momentum and receive these benefits.

Understanding the universal principles of abundance help us in relaxing into receptivity to new opportunities for cash flow. This course includes unique guided meditations and energetic healing processes that integrate many modalities and are designed to facilitate transformation on many levels. This Course is for anyone who resonates, is familiar with energetic healing and is able to meditate.

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If you follow the program and allow yourself to go through the guided processes, transformation WILL occur. After you order, you will receive access to The Life Purpose Alignment Course within my Ruzuku online portal and be able to go through each module at your own pace. Make sure to respond to that email and let me know how my team and I can help you on your journey. Here is what going through the Life Purpose Alignment Course will help facilitate for you:. Unify Your Psyche.

Anchor Your Sovereignty. Align Your Will. Embrace Your Power. Unlock Your Purpose Blueprint.

Activate Your Abundance Code. And more By going through this home study course, you will experience a greater ability to:. Recognize your unique soul signature and get clear on the value you truly offer Embrace yourself and feel confident in the gifts you are here to bring Access your inner wisdom and discern what the best next steps are for you Clear your field of distractions and distortions so you can focus on what is most beneficial for you Shift your mental perspective to experience more joy and gratitude Live from abundance consciousness to attract opportunities and people that help you thrive Relax your nervous system so you can be free of stress and experience more bliss Maintain your center so you can more smoothly flow with the inevitable changes in life Live in alignment with your purpose to experience the deepest fulfillment possible.