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What's going on??? From what I can see of myself, still lying on the chair, something has really changed and not for the better Yes, that's for sure, because what I saw when I scanned my entire frame was the shiny fur of a black cat. What also gnawed at his system was the thought of his half-sister - or "his mother's daughter" as he called this sibling, Karen Marie Danielsdatter Rosenvinge : about Hans Christian Andersen Reality, as we know it, may hold many surprises, ready to be disclosed although not always understood in full.

This book is about such surprising, but undisclosed corners of Reality. I used to read a lot, but now I prefer to write. One of my very first publications was a handful of poems in an anthology, but up till now most of my published works have been scholarly literature, e. What I like the most in her is her audacity in imagery and plots as I suspect that the world is much more weird and intricate than it appears to most of us. I was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, and it fits me well enough to stay here without any plans of moving somewhere else. However, I have conducted post-graduate studies in e.

If there is such a psychological projection, it is very easy for a victim to lie about an innocent person — he describes abuse all the time having in his mind the real abuser and therefore can easily affect all the emotions that came with it.

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Oh, now I see. Poly, thank you very much. One day after Barbra Streisand made controversial comments about his accusers — and then later apologized for her words — Diana Ross has, as per Vulture, thrown her hat into the ring, tweeting out a defense of her longtime friend, colleague, and co-star in the movie The Wiz. I believe and trust that Michael Jackson was and is A magnificent incredible force to me and to many others. Ross DianaRoss March 23, Jackson, who died in , has been accused by Wade Robson and James Safechuck of sexual misconduct when they were young. Their claims were documented at length in Finding Neverland, which has found many turning on the memory, and the work, of the late King of Pop.

Now the family is taking it a step further and telling their side of the story with their truths. While the estate claims many details in the film are flawed, the estate notes media outlets have not respected or expressed its grievances with the film, Billboard reports.

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The document is not available to the public. Paula While the public is preoccupied with Michael Jackson. While the public is preoccupied with Michael Jackson. Luckily the MJ fam have been saving these receipts and keep posting them up. I think he has becoming a great deal of inspiration for me. I knew nothing about him before LN, but I'm very glad I did my research instead of blindly believing the media. MJUnreleasedMix March 20, Leaving Neverland: Take Two is a one-part documentary exploring the other side of the Michael Jackson allegations by revisiting the stories of two different accusers and their families.

Through drone-shots and piano music, the film crafts a portrait of extortion, exploring the complicated feelings that led Michael Jackson through settlements, court cases and ultimately his death. Thanks Helena for your hard work! Transcribing is one of the hardest jobs EVER! Do not know how you manage to do so much of it! Not sure if you have watched this interesting video on the connections between Miramax andSundance and even the AEG trial! This is the link to this interesting video:. Have you known about Jim Clemente? Can you explain about him? I am in support of the truth.

And the truth is that Michael Jackson was innocent. So I do know. Like Liked by 1 person. Helena What do you think about Jim Clemente? I need to know.

Sorry to ask for second. Yes, it is very interesting information, though I have my own ideas about it. This seems to be the case now. Harvey Wienstein in interested in diverting attention from the film about himsef and his trial, but so is Bryan Singer who was also recently hit by several alleged victims complaints, about which you hear even less.

So the attack against Michael Jackson may be a joint effort as the whole of Hollywood is interesting in diverting attention from themselves. So I have no tender feelings towards them at all. To think so would also mean to think that AEG Live are complete fools if they made themselves so easy a target. But they are not, so for them it would be too blatant an approach.

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Now it looks to me like a third party took advantage of the situation and coached Robson right for the beginning of the trial. It was never discussed.

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If anyone thinks otherwise, they are wrong. At the time we studied all the transcripts and the matter was never even raised. And this third party can now be in a new alliance — with Harvey Weinstein, for example. Nor will they pay for the appellate proceedings. I simply see no motive here. Every penny. It was exactly everything that was earned by the Estate. The idea was and still is to make them bankrupt.

A World of Weird Truths and Truthful Weirdness

And the IRS case has also come in very handy there. Untouchable pic. You need to know? And I need to watch it before forming an opinion about it. When they are through with their performance I probably will have a look though I am extremely pressed for time now. They filed it under seal.

This article is enough for me. The media says it, so it must be true!

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I mean, fair is fair.. Oprah has lied for 30 yrs about the sex abuse that she suffered! I won't research the claims.

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I am repulsed by the number of people jumping on the bandwagon to nail Michael Jackson to the cross. I spent close to 17 years with MJ, through many projects and much intimate time on and off the sets. I never saw a hint of anything evil or even an inkling of this kind of perversion directed towards any child… or anyone to be perfectly clear.

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I find it horrifying to raise all of this now that he is gone. Would it not have been better for the son to have dealt with all of this in a family environment? His son will now be dealing with this for a very long time. And he should have known better, and just stopped after the Chandler case. Michael simply would no longer be Michael, and everything about him would have irrevocably changed into something not so lovely.

All as part of simply conforming to what society wants, fitting in with the crowd, not making waves, another cog in the machine. Charles Thomson is a very rational person and speaks like one. Michael Jackson was less rational and driven more by feeling, trust and belief in the goodness of human nature.

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And in general Michael was right — small children are indeed innocent unless they are spoiled by their parents and their minds are corrupted by the world around them. But Michael did make sure that he was never around children after , except the members of his family and his closest old friends. Gavin Arvizo was an exception. The fact is that after Michael more talked about those sleepovers than actually had them.